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Orono Montessori kindergarten differs greatly from the kind of traditional kindergarten available in most public and private schools. A child who has been with the Montessori program as a four-year-old is ready for much more than is generally offered in a traditional kindergarten, particularly in the areas of math, reading, language, as well as in science, geography and other cultural areas. Parents who have sent their children to Montessori schools as three- and four-year-olds, and then transferred them to traditional kindergartens often report that the children have become bored and their progress, especially in math and reading, has dwindled or stopped. Our Montessori Kindergarten children also have the important advantage of remaining with children of mixed ages. Mixing ages provides the kindergartners with abundant opportunities to develop leadership skills and responsibility and gives the children great social diversity. This is the “leadership year.”

The Orono Montessori School kindergarten program is part of our total Montessori program. Our classroom is a “living room” for the children, filled with a rich variety of specially-designed materials for use in every area: reading, writing, mathematics, science, geography, practical life, and sensorial development. One of the most important aspects of the program is teaching the child how to learn, which builds naturally on the foundation laid during the years before. The Montessori Kindergarten is part of the total Montessori program and it builds naturally on the foundation the child has laid during the years before. It is during this Kindergarten year that all of the children’s mental work of the hand and brain, working in unison and empowered by the sensitive periods and absorbent mind, come together in a full integration of personality.

The kindergarten program serves children between five and six years of age. The program will serve kindergartners with a ratio of 1:10 and will operate five days a week, Monday through Friday, from 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

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7:00 School Opens
7:00 8:30 Day care – Children use puzzles, read books and color, free play
8:30 9:00 Free Play/Puzzles/Blocks/Art Projects
9:00 9:30 Circle Time/Presentations
9:30 10:00 Bathroom/Wash Hands/Snack
10:00 10:45 Independent Work/Montessori Work/Montessori Presentations, Creative Movement/Music/Group time
10:45 11:30 Cleanup/Games
11:30 12:00 Bathroom/Wash Hands
12:00 1:00 Lunchtime
1:00 3:00 Rest/Nap/Story/Montessori Classroom/Development of Academic Areas/Socialization
3:00 3:30 Playground
3:30 6:00 Playground, free play, puzzles, blocks, art projects, group activities, and closing
6:00 School closes


Orono Montessori School
850 Wazata Boulevard West
Wayzata, MN 55391

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