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Dr. Maria Montessori devised a system of early childhood education that was specifically designed to meet the basic needs of the child. The Montessori Method, based on careful observation of the natural development of the child, has been used in schools around the world for more than 70 years. Dr. Montessori discovered that children have particular critical learning periods, or “sensitive periods,” that are age specific. These sensitive periods are the time frames during which a child develops a skill or a capability. The Montessori approach recognizes that a child is more responsive to certain learning experiences at these sensitive periods. During each of these periods, children exhibit a burning interest in specific kinds of activities and the acquisition of specific knowledge and skills.

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The “sensitive periods” are transitory time periods, lasting for periods from a few months to a few years at most, in which the child appears to be working on specific area of development to the exclusion of all others. In its typical state, the child is truly fascinated by the area of sensitivity, and will work in it for long periods without boredom of fatigue, if allowed. To the child it is not work, but play. Once his need has been satiated, the sensitivity seems to die away, usually to be followed by a new one. It is almost like an invisible computer program within the child that focuses his interest and attention on given aspects of his environment, each in turn following a pre-assigned schedule for normal development. Once the period has passed, that which has not been learned must be done the hard way, without the joy and the unconscious effort found during periods of sensitivity.

At our school, we follow the Montessori method which provides opportunities to children to engage in activities which match their specific sensitive periods. Montessori teachers are trained to recognize and make good use of the natural sensitive periods of childhood. Careful observation allows us to recognize the sensitive periods when a child is ready for a new learning experience. We can then direct the child toward materials that will satisfy his or her developmental needs. Our experience, dedication to children, and commitment to the teaching methods of Maria Montessori have enabled us to build a school ideally suited to young children. 

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